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Water Tanks

A water tank to suit your needs

Whether you’re a farmer or involved in agriculture, living off the grid or just trying to be environmentally aware, Pioneer water tanks has a tank to suit your needs. Our standard range of water tanks come in sizes starting from 12,000 to 500,000 litres. We can also custom build up to 2.6 million litres.

Peace of mind in a bush fire

All Pioneer Water Tanks can have a provision added that ensures they also double as a fire protection reserve. A valuable option especially if you live on a farm or in a bush fire prone area. 

Are there other colours I can choose for my water tank?

Alternatively you can also upgrade your new Pioneer Water Tank to a Colorbond® option.
Whether you want your Water Tank to blend in with the natural surrounds or match your shed or house roof there is a colour to suit everyone.



What makes a Pioneer Water Tank the best on the market?

Whilst many of our competitors strive to match our innovative technology, design and manufactuing standards, nothing comes close to a Pioneer Water Tank.


Our exclusively engineered trusses are hot dipped galvanised steel equipped with a swivel foot. The swivel foot connects the roof to the body of the water tank. As a result, it provides optimal movement in your tank in Australia’s extreme heat and wind conditions. As your tank adapts to external conditions, you can rest easy knowing your tank won’t fail when you need it most.

8-80 V-LOCK®

Pioneer Water Tanks’ modern and unique 8-80 V-LOCK® wall profile provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains perfect support to the liner moulded to the inside of the tank wall. The 8-80 V-LOCK® design maximises the strength of your tank to ensure it stays in shape when full or empty whilst minimising liner stress.


Fully concealed structural bolts provide you with a smooth and taper-free panel joint. These unique vertical seams reinforce the strength of your water tank.

With hundreds of tonnes of water to contain, Pioneer's engineer-certified bolt strips provide the ultimate strong and safe panel joint. 

What's included with my Pioneer Water Tank?

standard inclusions2


Our Australian made AQUALINER® is custom engineered for the sole purpose of safe and secure water storage. Its BPA-free multi-layered material with internal reinforced fabric weave meets global safety and food standards, ensuring the ultimate peace of mind for the secure storage of safe, clean, fresh and chemical-free water.

Our innovative double seam welded AQUALINER® provides the ultimate protection at liner joints, preventing leaks, drips, seepage or wicking of your precious water. Water seepage from your liner can encourage white ants or invasive roots, so insist on a double seam welded liner.

Although designed to fit Pioneer Water Tanks, the Aqualiner® is so strong and versatile, it can be fitted to any other water tank with no loss of quality.


At Pioneer we use sacrificial anodes to significantly extend the life of your water tank. Made from magnesium, the anodes erode instead of your water tank because Magnesium is a more reactive metal. Magnesium anodes in contact with the iron will corrode first hence the term sacrificial anodes.  Our sacrificial anodes significantly extend the life of your water tank by protecting the steel from corrosion. Pioneer Water Tanks recommend your anodes be replaced every 10 years so you can enjoy the benefits of your tank for life.


Pioneer Water Tanks provides a 150mm overflow down pipe: the largest overflow system on the Australian market. Its size moves excess water away from the tank quickly to effectively reduce pressure on your tank and avoid costly damage to your tank components.

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