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5 reasons Pioneer steel water tanks are better than Poly


Why a steel water tank is better than a poly tank

We are often asked the question "why would I buy a steel water tank instead of a plastic tank?" So we put together a list of the 5 main reasons why a steel water tank is a safer, better value option.  


#1: Put simply, they look great.




There is no going past how gorgeous a steel water tank set on the side of a wheat or canola paddock looks. It's fast becoming another iconic representation of Australian farmer's and rural landscape's. With a range of Colourbond colours to select from you can choose to blend it in or create a stunning feature.


#2: Pioneer Water Tanks are Australian made and locally owned

We use strong and durable Australian made BlueScope steel. The steel is then shaped ready to be made into water tanks in Western Australia and installed by local dealers throughout Australia.




#3 Flexibility

Pioneer steel water tanks can be customised to fit the location you want to place your water tank and most importantly the quantity of water you need to store. By comparison poly water tank's only come in limited sizes and you can't change the dimensions.


#4 Because size does matter

A major point of difference between steel water tanks and a poly tank is size. Poly water tank's can only hold a maximum of approx 50,000L of water, by comparision the almighty Pioneer water tank range varies from 10,000 litres to 500,000 litres in standard sizes AND Pioneer can customise your water tank up to 1.2 million litres. This means Pioneer can save you money with one steel water tank offering exceptional quality, strength and value. 


#5 Fire Ready

The most important reason comes down to the safety of your family, house, land and livestock.  Tested by the Australian government bushfire co-operative research centre steel water tank's have been designed to maintain their structural integrity and ability to retain water during and after exposure to a fire.  A poly tank however will do what plastic does and melt. 



 The remnants of a poly tank after the Black Saturday fires at King Lake.


Added bonus

With one small upgrade Pioneer Water tanks can be utilised as both a fire fighting water source and your original purpose. Pioneer can install a fire services compatible outlet so in the event of a bushfire or header fire or any fire requiring a water source, you can always have at least 10,000 litres of water on hand. Even if its been a long, dry summer the fire fighting outlet on a Pioneer water tank is positoned to ensure there is always at least 10,000 litre's of water stored.





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